I am affected by domestic violence! What can I do?

You can end the violence by leaving!


If you decide to go to a women's shelter, call us!

04121/ 25 8 95

You can reach us 24/7, weekends and holidays included!

On the phone, we will tell you how to get to the shelter!


Your stay in the shelter is free of charge!

The shelter's address is confidential!

Men are not allowed to enter!


Some helpful advice:

If you have to flee to a women's shelter and you have the possibility to plan your flight and prepare your bags, we suggest to pack the following:

  • passports/ I.D.s

  • certificates; e.g. birth certificates or certificate of marriage

  • health inssurance card; if you are pregnant, your record of prenatal care ('Mutterpass')

  • bank cards

  • cash

  • important medicine

  • certifications of workin and pension ('Arbeits- and Rentenbescheinigung')

  • certification of your income ('Einkommensbescheinigung')

  • certification of child benefits ('Kindergeldbescheinigungen')

  • jewelry and smaller articles of value

  • children's school supplies

  • children's favorite toys


Take what you can!

According to our experience, it is far easier to send back documents etc. to the violent partner than to try to get them from him after your flight.