I experience domestic violence! What can I do?

You can stop the violence by walking.

You can leave the violence situation.

If you decide to step into the women’s shelter, call us!

04121/ 25 8 95

We are available by phone day and night, even on weekends and public holidays! On the phone we tell you how you can come to us in the women’s shelter! The stay in the women’s shelter is free! The address of the women’s shelter is secret! Men are not allowed!

Helpful hints
If you need to escape to a women’s shelter, and you have the opportunity to plan your escape, or to take things with you, we recommend thinking of the following:
• Passports
• documents e.g. Birth certificates / marriage certificate
• health insurance card (if necessary mother pass)
• account cards / money cards
• Cash
• Important medicines
• Work or pension certificate
• Income certificate
• Child allowances
• jewelry / smaller valuables
• Children’s school supplies
• Favorite stuffed animals / children’s toys
Take what they can get!
Experience has shown that it is easier to return papers, etc., to the violent partner than to get them after escaping.
For more tips, see the safety plan